Super original and delicious cakes. The service is excellent and the best part is that the cakes are healthy and really good.
The product is exquisite and very creative, everyone should know this alternative to traditional bakery! Congratulations!
I have been lucky to be presented a spice carrot cake and a carrot loaf cake, and I can assure you that it is the best I have ever tasted. They are very nice, they take care of all the details (all!) and the taste and texture are incredible. Thank you The Good Cakes! You sweetened my birthday in a very healthy way.
This place is great! Everything is healthy and delicious. When I tasted their raw vegan cake I could not believe that something so tasty and creamy was at the same time so nutritious.
Everything I’ve eaten must be very nutritive – I ate a little and I ended up full. Also the sweetness is just right, not too little, not too much (no sugar, only low GI...). I can’t eat gluten and usually alternative bakery has worse quality than conventional one. Here everything tastes so good! Prices are the same as a traditional bakery, with the advantage of being artisan and the high-quality ingredients.
This week I ordered some cakes for my birthday, they were great! thank you for treating me so well and making things so delicious, beautiful and above all so healthy.
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